Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My first book review for the Kenyon Review

My review of Ernst Meister's In Time's Rift, translated by Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick (Wave Books, 2012) is posted at the KROnline. Many thanks to Wave Books for the review copy and Zach savich for the careful editing.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Because I nearly forgot, the September issue of Kentucky Monthly, the 15th Anniversary Edition, also has my feature story on The Mammoth, a colossal arts project by Aron Conoway and Hallie Jones.
Here is a video link on You Tube of me reading the poem "1972" from my chapbook, Hibernaculum, at the Big Big Mess reading series in Akron back in June. Thanks to Joshua Ware for posting.

Cave Hill Cemetery article in the Kentucky Monthly

My latest cover piece for the Kentucky Monthly, a profile of Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery, is in the new issue and also online here. The amazing accompanying photos are by David Toczko.